Diploma In Coaching Supervision

This Diploma programme is accredited by EMCC and approved by the ICF, who have awarded the course 40 CCE Units in respect of ICF credentialing.  Since 2005, CSA has trained over 400 Executive and Business Coaches and Leaders.  As well as Ireland, the programme runs in London, France, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.


Who will benefit from this Diploma:
– Internal and external coaches with a substantive body of experience in coaching (usually at least 5
years);  and who now want to gain a recognised qualification in coaching supervision
– Senior people in business, or consultants, who have high level responsibility for coaching and are
also actively coaching; for example ‐ HR, OD, L&D, Senior Ops
– Coaches, mentors, consultants who are looking for a well‐established, rigorous, EMCC
accredited, ICF approved supervision programme, that also provides an excellent forum for
learning and development
What you will learn:
– The Full Spectrum Model incorporating (i) Hawkins & Shohet’s 7‐eyed model of
Supervision together with core teaching and practice on the ‘Use of Self’ in Supervision;
(ii) Multi‐Dimensional Presencing work which uses the seminal ideas of Sharmer/Senge et al.
(Theory U); and (iii) Work with subtle energies, Buddhist Psychology, and quantum physics –
a living, relational perspective.
– The process and structure of coaching supervision including the following:  contracting, designing
the working alliance, creating the learning partnership and understanding the difference between
coaching and supervision
– Energy management – Applying the principles of quantum physics, neuroscience and
mindfulness to coaching supervision, including managing strong emotions
– Teaching on Coaching Psychology including: Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Transpersonal
Psychology, transference, parallel processes, collusion, narcissism and blind spots
– A wide variety of tools for use in sessions. For example: Karpman’s Drama Triangle,
Magic Box, Two Chair Work and other ways to access relational wisdom; use of creative
techniques and an introduction to somatic and embodiment techniques
– Development of the internal supervisor, reflective practitioner and use of self in supervision;
development of ethical maturity
– This Diploma programme is accredited by EMCC and approved by the ICF, who have awarded
the course 40 CCE units in respect of ICF credentialing.

You will also be required to undertake supervision with practice clients as part of your learning.

Programme Dates for Dublin, Ireland 2016‐2017: Module 1: 18‐20th May 2016          

Module 2: 5‐6th Oct 2016 Module 3: 19‐20th Jan 2017   Costs: €5,800 (+ Supervision Fees, see below*)    

Venue: Dublin

* For more information on your supervision, as you undertake the programme, please speak with Karyn or Monica. The team:  Your facilitators are Karyn Prentice and Monica Ross, both of whom are experienced CSA Senior Faculty.  Both are also highly qualified and experienced Executive Coaches and Coaching Supervisors with global experience.  They will be supported by the founders of CSA – Edna Murdoch and Miriam Orriss – and a team of highly trained tutors, supervisors and assistants. Next Steps?

 If you are interested in finding out more and applying for a place on this programme, your first step is to contact Wendy Robinson by email Wendy@taylorclarke.com or by phone +353 (0) 1 507 9417 or contact Amanda Cahir‐O’Donnell by email amanda@tioconsulting.ie or by phone +353 (0) 86 609 3290.