Recording – March Webinar: A Step by Step Guide to Completing the ICF ACC & PCC Credentialing Process

Emer Doyle MCC

We  hope that those of you who attended the webinar enjoyed it. Huge thanks to Emer for presenting! Please find here the links to the video and audio recordings:



Presenter: Emer Doyle, MCC

Title: A Step by Step Guide to Completing the ICF ACC & PCC Credentialing Process


If you are a coach contemplating embarking on the journey towards obtaining your first ICF
credential, or a coach who wishes to upgrade or renew your existing credential; it can often feel
like a daunting task at first glance.

During this webinar Emer Doyle, MCC will present a step by step guide to successfully completing
the credentialing process in a way which enables you diminish any fears you may hold about the
process and ignite your curiosity around the personal benefit gained in taking the leap.
This webinar will provide greater clarity about the key elements involved in the credentialing process and how to get started, including:

  •  Different pathways available for each credential
  •  A breakdown of the paperwork and format required by ICF Credentialing Application Form
  •  Coach Knowledge Assessment – what it involves
  •  The role of mentor coaching in supporting your credentialing journey and the process involved.
  •  Guidelines on how to prepare for engaging in the credentialing process in the future
  •  How to prepare for renewing or upgrading your existing credential

Emer Doyle, MCC Profile:

Emer Doyle is currently one of only two coaches in Ireland who have been awarded the Master
Certified Coach Credential by the ICF. She was awarded the ICF Ireland Mentor Coach of the Year in
2014 and 2016.

Emer has over eight years experience in providing mentor coaching services to coaches from various
backgrounds. She held the role of a Lead Mentor Coach on an ICF Accredited Coach Training
Programme in Ireland for six years. To date she has provided virtual individual mentor coaching
programmes to over 60 coaches applying for an ACC or PCC Credential. Emer is also an ICF CCE
Training Provider and regularly presents MCC Coaching Masterclasses.

For further information on Emer please visit