Recording – Webinar: Introduction to Medical Coaching


Thanks to Shiri for a very interesting webinar. We hope that those of you that attended found it useful.

Please find the recordings at the links here:

Video Recording

Audio Recording

Brief of the webinar– Medical Coaching is a new, dynamic and exciting niche within coaching.

This webinar will open a window into the world of Medical Coaching, Medical Coaches and Medical Coaching clients. The webinar will address the theoretical and professional pillars of the model, clarify how Medical Coaching is different from other interventions and coaching disciplines and share stories and case studies to give a deeper understanding on the profound impact and added value of this niche.

Speaker – Shiri Ben-Arzi MPMC, PCC

Shiri is the Co-Founder and co-CEO of MCI – Medical Coaching Institute and a Medical Coaching Master Trainer. Shiri’s vision is to improve medical communication between patients and Medical professionals, promote patient empowerment and change the way we define wellness, sickness, healing and medicine.

At the end of the webinar I will take a few minutes to mention the Medical Coaching Learning Community (MCLC) that is an international professional educational platform sponsored by ICF Ireland and the MCI website address for those interested to get more information about our training programs.