5 Things Every Coach Should Consider for Business Continuity

Before becoming a coach, I worked in PR. My remit included managing communications in emergencies for an inner London borough. Thrillingly, the training involved a stint at a former spy college hidden deep in the English countryside. Over the years, this training has been put to practical use—handling the media fallout from terrorist plots, gangland killings, huge fires and even an anthrax outbreak. Now a professional coach, I expected to file away that knowledge. But of course, preparing for the unexpected, also known as contingency planning, is a must for any business owner. Last year I flew to Florida for an ICF meeting, and on the way back, snow in New York led to an unplanned stopover. I had to rethink a group coaching day. Again, work plans had to change when I sprained an ankle recently and couldn’t drive. Here are five things to consider that may keep your business running when the unexpected happens:

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Mary Anna Wright, PCC.