Marketing Policy

Marketing and Sponsorship Policy

  • In order to avoid any conflict of interest, ICF Ireland cannot promote the services of any one provider over another, unless a formal sponsorship has been agreed or they are providing a free service or event that is deemed by the ICF Ireland board to be relevant for our members.
  • Promotion to our membership of any providers’ services or products is entirely at the discretion of the ICF Ireland Board, and does not constitute endorsement of that product or service. Buyers of services should satisfy themselves as to the quality, value and credentials of any service provider.

Sponsors / Partners

  • Financial Sponsors are invited to support ICF Ireland through a financial donation, to help subsidise the cost of providing quality events and services to our members.
  • These sponsors will be reputable organisations who share our values and coaching philosophy, and are committed to personal and professional development and education. They do not have to be ICF members.
  • Sponsors will in return be offered the opportunity to promote relevant services and products to our members, which the board deems to be of interest or benefit to members in their professional coaching practice. This may be by specific email, website, social media, distribution of flyers or other marketing material, by mutual agreement.
  • Sponsors will not be provided with details of our member mailing lists.
  • Sponsors may also offer other non-financial benefits which could benefit members e.g. hosting of venue, providing speaker for events, free training places, etc

Promotion of Events by ICF Members

  • ICF members (Ireland chapter or global members) may promote their commercial events via our monthly newsletter or on the website, free of charge.  
  • These events must have CCEU approval and details of approval must be supplied when notifying ICF Ireland.
  • Any event that does not have CCEUs may still be approved for promotion to members if the board deems it relevant or beneficial e.g. supervision, co-coaching event etc
  • Any members or other individuals may offer free events or products to ICF Ireland membership – e.g. free talks, free product trial, free webinar etc – we will promote such events or host them where we believe the topic is relevant to our members, subject to approval by the ICF Ireland Board.   
  • Members are welcome to share their event / service details in the ICF Ireland group on LinkedIn.