ICF defines Coaching Supervision as follows: “Coaching Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.”

Coaching Supervision is distinct from Mentor Coaching for Credentialing. Mentor Coaching focuses on the development of coaching skills mainly in the context of initial development. Coaching Supervision offers the coach a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. In Coaching Supervision, the coach is invited to focus much more on what is going on in their process and where the personal may be intruding on the professional.

ICF Coach supervisors in Ireland

Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell, PCC
086 6093290

Ailbhe Harrington, PCC, MA
087 237 2084

Denis Coleman, ACC
085 177 7951

Eilish McKeown, ACC
087 811 6744

Gerry Ryan, MCC
087 207 9877

Joe O’Connor, PCC
086 841 5493

Lily Murphy
087 634 9664

Mary Anna Wright, PCC
087 117 1972

Monica Ross
087 227 4300



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