There are three types of ICF approved training:

Accredited Coach Specific Training Programmes (ACTP)

These courses provide a complete training programme, taking coaches that graduate up to accreditation standard. Once the necessary coaching hours have been logged and other requirements fulfilled, graduates can apply directly for ICF accreditation through the ACTP route.

Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

These courses typically focus on developing specific skills or techniques, although they may be very comprehensive they do not fulfil the requirements of credentialing through the ACTP route and coaches wishing to achieve accreditation would need to apply through the portfolio route with additional requirements including the submission of recorded coaching sessions etc as outlined on the credentialing page.

Continuous Coach Education (CCE)

Intended as advanced training for those wishing to acquire new learning and/or renew their coaching credential. Events and workshops with CCE units do not provide comprehensive coach training. Typically focuses on one or few specific skills. To renew credentials coaches need 40 CCEUs, coming along to Chapter events is a simple way to earn them.

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