Coaching Circles

In our 2016 member survey, you asked for ways to connect more effectively with other ICF members in your area.

Since then, over a quarter of our members are getting involved in regional groups/coaching circles which were either well established some time ago in Dublin Northside, Kilkenny, Cork and Donegal, or are about to get started in other areas.

The purpose of these groups is to help with professional and business development and potentially for members to support each other in obtaining ICF credentials, as well as completing CCEUs for credential renewal for relevant events or topics.

Each group can be affiliated with the ICF Chapter and can agree their own group membership rules in line with ICF ethics and guidelines.

Open ICF member groups that have already started or are planning to start include…

We are delighted that so many members are enthusiastic and proactive about connecting with and supporting fellow ICF members and building a strong coaching community.

If you want to know more about setting up a group in your area please contact us.


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