Membership Renewal 2019

ICF Ireland 2019 Chapter Fee

ICF’s value proposition statement focuses on the three things that ICF Members have identified as most important: community, credibility and growth opportunities.

The most valuable things ICF offers are priceless and intangible. ICF’s credibility answers the most common challenge facing coaches: “Untrained individuals who call themselves coaches.”

Our value proposition also positions our most valuable assets as things that are unique to ICF: Competitors cannot provide access to the largest, professionally trained coaching community, and our credibility stems from the ICF Code of Ethics and the ICF Core Competencies.

Many of our counterparts around the world have introduced a Chapter fee in order to manage the affairs of the chapter and pay for required services. In 2020 we will be following their lead in order to be able to think ahead and offer enhanced member events and value:

  • Access to all live online webinars throughout the year
  • Access to all webinar recordings
  • CCEUs and support towards your CPD
  • Supporting your local ICF chapter to continue to invest in programmes
  • Helping us further develop and improve the Chapter – we grow together!

For 2019 we are introducing an optional Chapter Fee of €25. Invest in the fee alongside your Global membership and push your professional development to new levels.

If you would like to avail of all the value above, including the webinar bundle, please CLICK HERE.

Renewal Season is upon us!

Firstly, if you are not yet ICF Credentialed, you can apply here:

You can start your renewal process by logging in to your member area and downloading the PDF form here:

(If you are not able to log in, please contact for assistance.)

Many of us joined this profession because we’re passionate about helping our clients become the best version of themselves. We also want to be the best version of ourselves, both personally and professionally.

As ICF Members, we each represent the highest quality of professional coaching. Together with our colleagues around the world, we are raising the standard for our industry.

Locally, we are excited about what 2019 has in store for those of us who choose to rejoin ICF for another year.

As an ICF Member, you’ll also continue to enjoy the credibility, community and opportunities for continuous development that come with identifying yourself as a member of the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches.

Rejoin ICF for another year to connect with our cutting-edge coaching research, lifelong learning, and opportunities for networking and community-building.

You are a valued member of ICF Global and ICF Ireland. Maintain your ICF Membership by renewing your ICF membership today.

This year, ICF Global created a Facebook Frame for ICF Members to add to your profile photo when you renew. You can add the frame to your profile at